About us

OMGSHOW – Original Media Global Show was founded in United Kingdom and United Arab of Emirates the company was founded with over 30+ years of experience shared collectively among its board members in both Europe and MENA region. We specialize in all things related to original content production, distribution and Event Managment. We left our mark in the media production with more than 10 well watched series such as Man Al Gany, Hal2 Mayet , Doctor nesa..etc
In addition to the production of over 100 sold out theater plays like the famous Teatro Misr.

Our knowledge is unique and futuristic, thanks to our board of directors and their years of experiences and excellence.
OMGSHOW, can spot the potential opportunities or even create opportunities for themselves, giving their full attention and care for concept development, studying and designing the best plan and solutions to achieve the media production project. While providing all needed resources, controlling all conditions for good production procedures, and allocating the resources needed for marketing & distribution.
In summary, we gather all needed resources for pushing the media production to its best, to reach its desired target and rank in the market.